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If You Don't Know By Now, I'm Talkin' 'bout Chi-Town!

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Last Thursday at The Thompson Center in Chicago, you might have seen a crowd of people hanging around the area listening to music and eating lunch…they weren’t just there to enjoy the famous Jean Dubuffet sculpture at the front entrance, even though it is nice to look at! 

They were there because SWA just unveiled the Southwest Front Porch Chicago, our new temporary venue for Chicagoans to hangout and relax, listen to live music, enjoy free snacks and water, and plug into free WiFi on Thursdays in September.
Vanessa Carlton
Live music included Grammy-nominated artist Vanessa Carlton, who gave an amazing live performance during the Porch opening. You should have heard her sing her popular lyrics, “Cause You Know I’d Walk a Thousand Miles…” and the famous piano intro while performing A Thousand Miles surge through the area!
Many current and potential Customers stopped by to play a game of Bags, which was invented in Illinois, and tried to get the Bags Fly Free® suitcase into one of our popular destinations from Chicago—SEA, Bay Area, DEN and New York!  They also had a chance to win a pair of tickets anywhere we fly!
The purpose of the Southwest Front Porch Chicago is to educate Chicagoans on our 200+ flights to 50+ destinations out of Chicago Midway Airport and let them know we are dedicated to Chicago! As a thank you, all visitors were given a special ten percent discount coupon off their next flight!

So if you happen to make it to The Thompson Center on a Thursday in September, please stop by to say, “Hello.”  We will be there from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in our yellow shirts, so we will be hard to miss!
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