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InAirtainment, Baby….(& Free Music Too!)

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Alright stop, collaborate, and listen….Southwest’s back with a brand new invention….

Remix! Certain things make me a little cranky. That post-vacation pile of laundry that never seems to dwindle, leaving home without my beloved drink coupons….and of course, sitting next to that inevitable traveler who likes to hear the sound of their own voice for an entire 3 hour flight to Vegas (no sir, I actually don’t care to know how many times you’ve hit it big on The Price Is Right slot machine in the airport!). Whether you “wanna get rocked” with a little Def Leppard or the latest grooves from Brit-Brit help you get “in the zone”, chances are you’re a little out of sorts if you forget your iPod, iPhone, or, iPad while traveling. I know it drives this girl NUTS!

Fellow inflight conversation-avoiders, fear not! Your friends at Southwest are doing our part to bring you entertainment on-the-fly.  We’re excited to introduce InAirtainment on – which lets you browse top entertainment that is available to download on the iTunes Store.  And to kick things off in style (for a limited-time-only), we’re offering a free 20-song playlist featuring up and coming artists “about to fly” in their music careers. You won’t want to miss this awesome compilation of jams --- visit the InAirtainment page  for more info on how to download the free playlist!

And in typical Southwest fashion….there’s more where that awesomeness came from. As you know, this June we celebrate 40 years of being the rockin’-est, rollin’-est airline around. To commemorate this milestone, and many more throughout the course of the year, we have even more fun offers in the works….so stay tuned!

In the meantime, go get your free music pronto! And while you’re at it, stock up on even more InAirtainment options for the next time that you’re on-the-fly with us (or on the train, trying desperately to avoid eye-contact with the nose-breather next to you, or in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office with two unruly kiddos, or sitting in your cubicle pretending to be hard at work on a project (not that I’ve ever done any of these things!). The opportunities for self-improvement are endless!

Yo man, let’s get outta here….word to your mother!

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As we draw nearer to the Southwest/Air Tran merger, I hope the XM radio service that AirTran offers becomes part of your InAirtainment branding. It would be a shame to lose that in the merger, that's one of AirTran's big pluses in my opinion.