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Industry-Wide Solutions to Industry-Wide Challenges

Our CEO, Gary Kelly, spoke at the 81st annual AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives) Conference and Exposition in Philadelphia on Monday, and below is a snapshot of his message: 


"We need an Industry that is built to last.  An Industry that has a strong foundation to support and contribute to technology, energy, and climate solutions.  And we need appropriate governmental policies, leadership, and and legislation to achieve three main industry-wide goals:

  • We need to operate along optimum flight paths by a network-centric, satellite-based air traffic control system (NextGen).  In essence, we need NextGen to be NowGen!

  • We need to operate in a market with commercially viable, environmentally friendly alternative jet fuels; and,

  • We need to operate with a fleet of more energy-efficient aircraft than we have today. 

That is our substantive and credible answer to the need to reduce cost and Greenhouse Gas Emissions -- not a "cap and tax" system that would simply raise costs, destroy more demand, seriously damage local economies, and divert precious capital from the task at hand."


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I haven't seen a DING fare from Minneapolis in over 2 months. Did you guys forget about us?