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Inflight Wi-Fi Update


On June 24, Southwest will begin a new testing phase for Inflight Wi-Fi on the four aircraft that are currently equipped with wi-fi technology.  In order to match the price of our product with what the market is willing to pay, we will be testing a variety of price points. The connection cost will range from $2 to $12 and will be determined by the distance Customers are traveling and the device they are using to connect.  The cost to get online will be displayed when a Customer launches his or her Internet browser and will be applicable to Employees as well as Customers.


Let us know what you think. 

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For some reason in the last quarter the wifi has just crashed. It used to be slow, now you can't even do anything. I'm on a flight now and I've been trying to log in for an hour into my A-List Preferred account. It's hilarious how, I can't log into my free ALP account, but if I log in with my credit card, I can get in. So, I did it. I wasted $5 on this crap internet. Now, the only place I can go is to the SWA website. Try to check webmail. Try to use even Google, and forget about it. I fly almost every week and I'm very seriously thinking of moving to another airline. You guys are taking advantage of your loyal customers and I think you are plundering your political capital over the other airlines. This internet is a complete and utter failure. If I was a SWA employee and I was an "owner" as your corprate heads put it, I'd be pissed. Someone should be canned over this. It's just not right.