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Inside May’s Southwest: The Magazine

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TaylorSwift_Cover We’re no Johnny-come-latelies with the whole Taylor Swift thing. Southwest: The Magazine first put the budding singer/songwriter on the cover years ago, when she was a really talented kid just beginning to make her mark. Maybe that’s why she spent some quality time with J. Rentilly for an exclusive interview in this month’s edition. In any case, we’re not into plunking celebs on the cover just because they’re celebs. Taylor is a great example of someone who has made a leap of faith, busting out of comfort zones and career boxes. Our favorite quote from the interview: “Every song is about learning a different lesson.” We offer a different education in leaps of faith in the accompanying travel package, “Take the Plunge.” Our recommendations cover both national and international destinations, taking you from the scary to the challenging to the wish-I’d-done-that-years-ago kinds of experiences. And then there’s a story by yours truly, about my attempt to run up a mountain in fewer minutes than my (old) age in years—a way of trying to set back the clock through sheer effort. To my own huge surprise, it made me amazingly happy. The secret: Relax, Flow, Focus, and Dance. What am I talking about? Well, you have to read the story.