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Inside Spirit's August Issue

Adventurer B

Warning:  Don’t even think of reading our latest issue of Southwest’s inflight magazine, Spirit, while you’re hungry. The cover alone—a floating club sandwich in which you can see every luscious ingredient—had the whole staff drooling for weeks.

If you’ve already eaten, then your brain will be functioning enough to wonder how we managed to create a sandwich that looks as if it’s floating in space, with even the mayo drifting over the hovering bread. Our favorite studio photographer, Adam Vorhees, has been experimenting with “exploded” shots, in which he takes objects apart and puts them—almost—back together. The effect is astonishing. Meanwhile, senior editor Mike Darling interviewed the greatest experts on bread, meat, cheese, condiments, local specialties, new classics (cubano, torta, banh mi), and what your favorite sandwich says about you.

We even give you a chance to show off your ’wich-making skill: celebrity chef Tom Collicchio and the geniuses at ’wichcraft are judging a national contest. The winning sandwich maker wins a round-trip on Southwest for two to New York, three nights at the Residence Inn at Times Square, dinner for two at Riverpark, and a tour of New York city’s food markets with ’wich chef Sisha Ortuzar. You’ll find an entry form here.

As a vigorous contrast to sandwiches, we include an extended book review by one of our contributors, writer/adventurer Peter Heller. His latest book, Kook, is a love story about a beginning surfer who found the answers to life, and the woman of his dreams, during a crazy, wave-borne quest. If you haven’t read any Peter Heller yet, go straight to the bookstore or Amazon.

This month’s “Adventure In…”, which lets you choose the ideal trip suited to your personality, just happens to cover Peter’s hometown, Denver. Assistant Editor Lauren Parajon, who wrote the story, says you haven’t lived till you’ve petted a porcupine, ridden a horse through a ghost town, or paraglided from Lookout Mountain.

Finally, a number from “The Numbers” department: Cows with names produce 68 more gallons of milk over 8 months than anonymous cows do. So find a cow with a name and make yourself a sandwich.

Explorer C
For my next real estate conference, I plan to fly Southwest just to drool over the cover of the magazine. Virtual sandwich! Virtual hunger satisfaction!
Adventurer B
Jay, You've left us... watering at the mouth! How DID he do to get that composite picture? :o)) Raphael