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Inside Spirit’s January Issue

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January Cover Got your New Year’s resolution? Not me. I’ve never been much for resolutions. We can achieve a lot more with habits. The one little thing we do every day can, potentially, change the world. Or get us in shape at least. Robert “The Raven” Kraft sure knows this. He runs 8 miles a day. Every day. And I do mean every day. He has not missed a run in 39 years. This month’s cover of Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine shows the man leading a group of runners on Miami’s iconic South Beach. They’re called “streak runners”—people who run every day for years at a stretch. Seven people have longer streaks than the Raven. Streak runners battle injury, weather, illness, schedules, and just plain boredom. But they know a habit when they see one. And there’s a fine line between glory and obsession. Speaking of obsessions, one of my favorite things about this magazine is its combination of a drink and a snack every issue. Spiritistas maintain close relations with the best mixologists in the land. Instead of telling you where the best bars are, we show you the best drinks, and include the recipe. (We’ve served some of those cocktails at parties.) This month’s drink is a winner: Lindsay’s Lament, crafted by Bill Morris, beverage director at Austin’s Midnight Cowboy. The drink combines bourbon, an herbal bitters called Becherovka, maple syrup, and a pinch of salt. As a New Englander, I appreciate the maple syrup. And to eat with that, try fried buffalo mozzarella. (It’s just mozzarella; hold the hairy beast.) You can follow the recipe in this issue or head to the St. Regis Aspen Resort, where they serve it up to hungry skiers. But we’re especially proud of the letters we’ve been getting lately—a flood of them most recently on Alex Sheen. Assistant Editor Gabbi Chee wrote a profile of this terrific guy, who created a nonprofit outfit to help us keep our promises. Go to and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And now for the Numbers: There are more than 7.1 billion mobile devices on Earth. That’s 1.4 devices for every man, woman, and thumb-challenged infant. Twenty-eight percent of IT professionals keep their job a secret—mostly to keep friends from asking then to fix their stuff. And women keep the same makeup routine for an average of 11 years. Don’t ever change. You’re beautiful.
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New Arrival
LUV this article, what a wonderful way to begin a new year positively I am learning how to get around, here LOL 🙂