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Inside Spirit’s June 2014 Issue

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junecover While Southwest Airline’s inflight magazine is famous for doing great storytelling features, we’re still a travel magazine at heart. You’d think the job would be easy. Fly someplace amazing, go home, tell people how amazing it was. And we do that. But the hard part is bringing out all the incredible variety of experiences you can have anywhere Southwest flies. So this month we took a different tack, asking: what’s the most underrated sense? Most travel tells you what you can see and hear and eat and even touch. But what about smell? The interesting thing is, smell is the sense most closely connected to the memory storage in our brains. So if you want a memorable trip, it had better make scents! That’s why our cover story is dedicated to the science and travel of smells. We got Annie Monjar, the managing editor of Philadelphia Magazine, to report on the word’s leading scent laboratory. And the staff in Dallas meanwhile sniffed out the best ways to follow your nose to fragrant destinations. You’ll learn where the piña colada was invented, where you can get intoxicated by lavender, where to smell the best barbecue, and where to get a whiff of 1700s mixology. Plus much more! The Adventure this month is in Galveston, Texas, one of the best places to smell salty air. And now for the Numbers: Hummingbirds consume two times their weight daily. We switch between tech devices 21 times an hour. And Heinz ketchup leaves the bottle at a blazing .028 miles per hour. Gotta love slow food. It gives you time to smell it.