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Inside the February Issue of Southwest: The Magazine

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February_Cover Yeah, I know. Putting a smiley face on the cover of a magazine may not make you happy. Not right away. But it seemed the right thing to do in an issue that’s all about happiness. And our cover boy Jack Black is known for being one of Hollywood’s happier denizens. Features editor JK Nickell pretty much confirms that reputation in an interview. You’ll find a lot to be happy about yourself in this issue. Some of the joyful advice from one of our former editors—Mike Darling, now a senior editor at Men’s Health—may surprise you. For instance, did you know that drinking water can improve your mood? Speaking of water, the highlight of the issue is a profile of Darlene Arviso, a saintly woman who drives a tank of the stuff to 250 homes in the parched Navajo Nation in New Mexico. Assistant Editor Gabbi Chee Cotherman wrote this inspiring story of enduring hope. It’s the kind of narrative that makes us editors (and you too, I hope) very happy.