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Inside the January Issue of Southwest: The Magazine

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Magzine cover Do you have kids?  Then you know what a tricky territory praise can be.  You want to build their confidence, but sometimes we parents get a little too … tactful in praising a poor effort.  In the latest issue of Southwest: The Magazine, Chicago Tribune writer Heidi Stevens covers the dos and don’ts of self esteem. Heidi, a friend of mine, has great kids; she deserves at least some credit for that, right? To accompany Heidi’s wise (and occasionally hilarious) story, the editors came up with a useful sidebar that helps us know what to say on various occasions.  For instance, if your kid gets straight A’s, don’t praise her smarts. Tell her how hard she worked. I probably should have read that when my kids were little.  I was always praising their great genes.  Not helpful, maybe, but great for my self-esteem. If you’re not used to our special brand of inflight magazine, you might be surprised.  Like Southwest itself, we pride ourselves on real people, and we get real people to write about them. What’s more, when we cover travel, we offer a choice of adventures for each destination. Check out this month’s adventures in Los Cabos, whether you’re into food, history, water, nature, or all of the above. If you’re not new to the magazine, you may notice some changes.  A beefed-up front section, for example, with a more individualistic attitude, neatly split between Work and Play.  I love this month’s shopping piece in the play section: the best goods in Minneapolis, chosen by taste-setter and blogger Kate Arends. Think of us this way: It’s like having a really good-looking (the magazine, I mean), plugged-in seatmate who can tell you some secrets about your next destination.