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Inside the June Issue of Spirit Magazine

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You know how people love to brag about how work-stressed they are? I’m like everybody else that way, which, frankly, is pretty much a flat-out lie.


For example, I’m writing this on my lunch hour. How noble of me. What I won’t usually tell you is that I’m writing this with my feet up on my desk and a Snickers Bar in my mouth while playing Brad Paisley really loud on the computer. (It’s research. We’re aiming to make him our cover boy for August.) I also won’t tell you that I tend to take ridiculously long lunches, nap frequently, and play games on my iPod Touch when I get writer’s block, which is whenever possible.


All of that makes me an authority on this month’s cover theme, relaxation.


But I’m a piker compared to Will Arnett, the good-looking star of “30 Rock” and “Arrested Development” who appears on the cover. He talked to our celebrity wrangler, J. Rentilly, about the baby he just had with wife Amy Poehler. Which doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, right? Well, that’s what makes him an expert on relaxation. He admitted to hitting back-to-back snowmen in golf-- eight shots per hole—a few times. “But the more shots I take, the more bang I’m getting for my buck,” he told us. With such a positive attitude (and enough income to hire an army of nannies), babies are a snap!


Not content with Will’s advice for handling stressful situations such as being abducted by aliens (offer to sell them France), we also talked to a slew of more traditional experts and got one of my favorite writers, Steve Friedman, to describe the totally type-A way he set about learning yoga.


In the same issue, we sent Assistant Editor Amanda Trimble to chill out in Chicago. If you haven’t been to Chicago in the summer, you may not know what a great beach town it is. Yes, beach town. But Amanda went during the winter months, when the wind from Lake Michigan makes you really chill. All the more reason to enjoy laid-back places like the Green Mill Jazz Club and heart-warming (if not burning) food like Hot Doug’s hot dogs with neon-green relish.


But we’re just getting started, relaxation-wise. On July 1, we launch an innovative new section called “Life Apps,” geared toward the business traveler. What’s so relaxing about that? Let’s just say that one of the apps each month will be a cocktail. I tried two of our upcoming drinks with the Spirit staff last night. Way after hours, too.

Not to brag or anything, but we just never stop working.


Other things you can learn from this issue:

  • 43% of us want to live in Denver.
  • Bacon makes an excellent cocktail garnish.
  • To detect a lie, note how often the speaker uses stalling techniques like “umm” or “you know.”
  • Your risk of a heart attack is 40% greater if you don’t own a cat.
  • On June 13, Baltimoreans dress up like “Hairsrpay” characters to celebrate Honfest. As in, “Hi, hon.”



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Ummm Jay, You know I have a problem with the Denver stats. Ummm, during what month was the survey conducted? Brian
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Since I could not find a newer blog entry, I thought I would tell you here. Your July article was rather interesting, especially that part about getting college students to call alumni as part of a targeted marketing campaign. I thought you might like to know that your fellow communicators eventually wised up, and the college on the hill now has such a program. The students who work there have quite a few stories about angry alums who to this day complain about females ruining the school, but overall the program has become both a publicity and a fundraising success . Kudos to you.