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Inside the March Issue of Southwest: The Magazine

Adventurer B
Cover At Southwest: The Magazine, we sometimes like to dream up themes that cover a whole gamut of things. We hit the jackpot this time: a whole feature section on time. The one thing we don’t write about in this issue is how to save it. Instead we talk about how to freeze time (a story about a guy who made a fortune from ice), travel back in time (through collections), and predict the future (through algorithms). But my favorite part is associate editor JK Nickell’s story about a school in Fort Worth, Texas, where you can learn the art of Swiss watchmaking. There you can obtain the secrets to restoring a quarter-million-dollar timepiece. Talk about putting time on your side. And to cap it off, we list 12 items that are completely worth the wait, from a tailored suit (three to ten months at Archangelo Sartorial) to a set of knives (three years at Randall Made Knives). This month’s adventure is in timeless Boston, where you can visit the amazing Mary Baker Eddy Library’s Mapparium and follow the red brick line of the Freedom Trail. My favorite Number this month: We consume ten percent more calories after our team loses.  As someone who roots for Boston teams, that’s not much of a problem for me. Happy reading. We hope you’ll agree that sitting down with this month’s issue is time well spent.