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Inside the November Issue of Southwest: The Magazine

Adventurer B
WTG_Social_LG2 This may be the first issue in a while that doesn’t make people cry. In previous issues, we’ve had a story about music made from the heartbeats of critically ill children, so their parents can hear them forever. Another story covered an inspiring baseball team that’s teaching racial comity through sport. Another was by a woman who remembers her late father through fishing. This month brings our annual winter travel guide. I promise it won’t leave you red-eyed and teary—unless you can’t find the time to do every single amazing adventure, from flying a model of the Wright Brothers’ plane to snowkiting a lake in New Hampshire. As always, though, we include at least one good narrative story, this time on a young woman with one of the coolest jobs around: piloting a deep-sea submersible. But get this: You can join the 26-year-old pilot, Diana Garcia Benito, in the hammerhead shark–filled waters off Costa Rica on a 10-day expedition. As this month’s cover says, your bucket list just got longer. Happy reading!