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International Connections to Mexico Growing

Explorer C

Have you ever wished you could eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut on an early morning flight or perhaps enjoy a cold complimentary Corona in-flight after a tough day of international business negotiations? Well if you have, you’re probably pretty pumped about Southwest’s first international airline partner (that is if you don’t include our interline agreement with Iceland Air back in 1996!), which is Volaris. Yes it’s true, Volaris is a Mexican carrier that goes above and beyond to offer a muy muy excellente Customer service experience, just like another airline I am very familiar with!

Southwest isn’t flying our own birds to Mexico yet but we are helping our Customers get to Mexico by using to book flights designed to connect to our airline partner, Volaris.

Southwest has been selling this product since November with connections from 20 of our Western cities. However what is truly exciting is that with recent city openings by Volaris in Chicago (Midway) and Las Vegas (LAS), our Customers can now access Mexico from over 55 Southwest cities … truly a national scope.  Mexican destinations include Guadalajara, Mexico City (both airports, MEX and Toluca (TLC)), Cancun, Morelia, and Zacatecas. All of these connections currently take place at Chicago-Midway (MDW), Las Vegas (LAS), Los Angeles (LAX), Oakland (OAK) or San Jose, CA (SJC); however the connecting networks of both carriers will grow as Volaris increases its presence in the U.S.

The following are some key points to know about our growing international product:


  • Throughout the booking process we make fare and product differences between carriers readily apparent.
  • We offer a mixture of combined products that give our Customers the flexibility to choose a flight that best suits their financial and convenience needs. 
  • We’ll transfer your checked baggage.
  •  For itineraries which include both airlines, you will be issued two tickets, one for each carrier.
  • Your credit card will be billed by each carrier for its respective portion of your journey.
  • Check in with each carrier (whether at the airport or online).
  • When landing at your connecting city, refer to the back of Spirit magazine or to terminal gate screens for the location of the connecting Volaris or Southwest flight.
  • We’ve provided a 24 hour bilingual international helpdesk (1-888-329-8776) in case you need assistance with your bookings.
  • We’ve provided additional information about Volaris and FAQs about the product at

We believe that Volaris is the ideal first international connecting airline for Southwest. Volaris is the second largest carrier in Mexico and has established a reputation for friendly service, top safety standards, excellent Employee relations, recognized green credentials and financial stability. As a matter of fact, they remind us a lot of ourselves!

To celebrate this recent expansion we are offering a fun “Explore Mexico” Sweepstakes that only requires entering to win. See to enter and for complete rules. This contest runs through the end of May and hopefully there should be another one later in the year. 

So perhaps you’re sitting in front of your computer in Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis or Seattle and wondering about the best way to see the Teotihuacan Pyramids of Mexico City or the Guadalajara Cathedral. If you are, then don’t forget the friendly service and low fares to Mexico at!

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Explorer C
So excited about this partnership. Congrats! ~Jenn