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Internship or Summer Camp?

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This summer with the Campus Reach internship at Southwest Airlines is the first time that I have ever been paid to attend a summer camp. I call it this because there are so many fun and exciting events revolved around the 160 Summer Interns. As an Intern at Southwest Airlines, working hard towards multiple different projects and learning more about the airline industry is the main goal. However, the Campus Reach Team has maintained a Fun-LUVing attitude by providing us with a number of fun, light-hearted events.


One of the really cool things that we have gotten to participate in (and my personal favorite) was The Not So Amazing Race. The Amazing Race started with a clue that led us to a specific location in headquarters. Once we reached each location we had to perform a task, as a Team, in order to receive the next clue. The tasks were really fun and creative!

They ranged from running around cones with airplane suits on to stuffing our faces with marshmallows. My favorite event throughout the race was the bean bags toss because it brought me back to my roots of tailgating at LSU football games! Even though my Team came in dead last, the race was a really fun break from work and an even better way for us to get to know our fellow Interns. I can’t wait to see what else this summer has in store for all of us!