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Introducing: A Beautiful Southwest Boeing 737-800

Explorer B

As you know, the -800 represents many exciting opportunities for Southwest’s future.  And, in some ways, it seems like only yesterday that we announced our intentions of adding this longer-range, more economical aircraft to our fleet.  Months later, we were already adding the lines of flight the -800 will cover into our flight schedule.  And now, I’m especially proud and excited to share this video of our very first -800—aircraft number 8301—fresh from the assembly line and paint shop.
Explorer C
It is a step in the right direction for Southwest. I am glad to see Southwest properly continuing to move forward in the U.S. airline industry. I believe in the "Freedom to Fly" and to do so with increased comfort and style while remaining efficient and safe will prove highly competitive for Southwest. I am loving the new plane and hope I will be lucky enough to experience it.
Explorer C
As a passenger, I just glad to see two lavs in the rear rather than one
Explorer B
I like the roomy double exit row configuration. How many seats on this aircraft? I'm guessing either 171 or 176.