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Introducing Cargo Companion™

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Being a full-service priority transportation and logistics provider, Quick International Courier specializes in the transportation of life saving organs, blood products for transplant and research, clinical trial shipments, medical devices, as well as high-value aircraft parts needed in an emergency situation.  The value placed on our shipments is often immeasurable, so ontime delivery and temperature compliance are non-negotiable items during transit. 

We’re a longstanding Customer of Southwest Airlines Cargo. We’ve achieved a successful track record together, due in part to Southwest’s reliability, Customer Service, and its daily schedule of more than 3,400 flights a day that provide the “next-flight-out” options that we require. 

We were one of the initial test customers for Cargo Companion, and the asset tracking technology is a welcomed addition to Southwest’s service portfolio.  Features like light sensing, which identifies if and when a package has been opened, to location tracking and temperature alerts, are all key requirements for shipping pharmaceutical, life science, and aviation products that need to be used the moment they are received. 

Today, research labs, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies are collaborating in ways that were not possible in the past, and as a result, the demand for transporting medical and pharmaceutical products is increasing.  Thankfully, we’ve got a partner like Southwest Airlines that makes it easier to transport such cargo in a safe, secure, and same-day manner.

Anyone interested in learning more should view the video below on Cargo Companion™.

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