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Introducing Southwest Airlines' New Show: Cash Lav!

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Just in time for April Fools’ Day, it’s an exciting announcement from Southwest Airlines! From the People who brought you the television shows Airline and On the Fly, Southwest is proud to introduce Cash Lav, a thrilling inflight game show that is sure to get Customers and Employees on the edge of their seats, competing for cold hard cash. Here’s how it flows: when the lavatory door is switched to “Occupied”—at random—the party lights come on and it’s time for one lucky contestant to get down to business. Our inflight host then reads each contestant as many trivia questions as possible while the seatbelt sign is turned off. Each question is worth $50. Get a question incorrect, and the contestant’s chances are flushed down the toilet (figuratively, of course), and the contestant’s gotta go. Again, Happy April Fools’ Day and thanks for playing along!