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Introducing an Updated Onboard Flight Tracker


At Southwest Airlines, we’re on a journey to enhance our Customer Experience to better connect people to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. As part of this commitment, we’re investing in several improvements to modernize and simplify the Customer Experience. We are excited to share that in addition to more inflight entertainment offerings, we have updated our flight tracker with Destination Reels, and it is now available on about 600 aircraft and will be fleetwide later this year!


The tracker is provided by FlightPath3D and Southwest is the first domestic carrier to integrate this flight tracker with Destination Reels into the onboard experience. We’re positive our Customers and Employees will love this new feature on the Portal!


Destination Reels.PNG


The updated tracker includes:


  • A 3D view with five different map views, including simulated views from the flight deck, window views, and top-down views. (Tip: To adjust the map, pinch to zoom and pan)


  • Flight information displays, including ground speed, altitude, heading, distance remaining, and time at destination (Tip: Tap on the Map Menu and select Flight Info)

Updated Flight Tracker.PNG

Even if the WiFi is not available, Customers may still access the flight tracker since the information is loaded on the aircraft.


In addition, the tracker includes access to Destination Reels with short videos of things to do in each destination, including reviews by popular travel blogs. When accessing Destination Reels, users can do things like browse the top 100 experiences trending in a destination, or choose a playlist to see the most photogenic, family-friendly, or must-see museums. After browsing the built-in lists, Customers may decide to build, organize, and map their own itinerary with the trip planning feature.


Flight Tracker with 3D View.PNG


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What feature are you most excited to try out during your next flight: more movies, 3D flight tracker, or new beverages? Comment below!