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Investing in Houston … Join the Journey

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Forty years is what we could easily say forms a generation. 

Twenty-five years could be called “a long time.”

I can remember that far back in my own life—I know, I’m dating myself—but there you have it.  Forty years ago we launched service to Houston with only three 737 Boeing jets.  Since then, we have continued a steady pace adding to the dynamic fabric of the City of Houston. 

Twenty-five years ago, in April, we opened the Houston in-flight base going from zero in 1987 to over 1,000 Houston-based flight attendants today.  Also 25 years ago, we opened our Houston based call center.  Today, the Customer Support & Service Center, with more than 455 caring People, has expanded its role to offer the best Customers service handling your questions and concerns about any aspect of travel.  When you call Southwest Airlines, you do not get a recording, you get a caring person, who wants to talk to you, without routing you through a maze of frustrating, recorded, auditory options that end up dropping your call.

We have continued to make good choices and become the most profitable airline in the industry.  We have shared our success by creating good jobs.  We want to continue doing that.  We have shared our success with the Houston community.  Our charitable donations, our community support, and civic engagement in Houston surpass investments of all other Southwest cities.  We don’t just hand out blank checks willy nilly.  Instead, we are proud to champion causes that matter most in the daily lives of Houstonians.  Our people get involved creating a wonderful pool of time, talent and treasure that adds to the quality of life in Houston.  Check out the Southwest Community Impact tab on to see some of those meaningful community partnerships in the Houston area.

Well, as I think of all the great things we’ve done in 25 and 40 years, starting international service three years from now, doesn’t seem that long.  We’d like to start flying to Mexico, the Caribbean and cities in Central and South America.   To do that, we need to do some solid ground work.  We have to start now. Because really, 3 years is no time at all! 

We have many more exciting years to come!  We want to add more jobs.  We want to continue investing in the Houston community.  Please consider visiting to see how you can be part of this historical journey to prepare Hobby for international service. In another 40 years, who knows where we’ll end up!  We’d love to have you with us looking back on the next generation.

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As an X Morbidly Obese person, I did weight over 400, I would like to say and offer any help, that I was never treated anything BUT NICE and respectful ! I rode before the rule was loudly made known..I was more than aware of my size, I always worked the schedule to ride the 1st plane out or off of "rush hour" to ride in the seat next to the window, as there is extra room to slide some of that hip expanse against the wall. Sitting next to the isle always got "bonged", it felt like people esp the ones trying to put their entire personal effects in the carry on, would hit you..more than once I offered to sit n the seat in the back, so attempt to make more space...I usually got on first too. The staff were extra nice aboutme and when ever I read about large people and their problems, I see another side to it. I have finally been give the OK to fly where eer when eve so you know, as I can afford it, I shall be "gone again". I did go to ''europe and almost gave my doctor a heart attack when he found out. Thanks again for "being there" and as I wrote, with a few "big me pictures" included, when the ladies were giving you such a bad time..anytime I can help, I will be mor than happy to bring pictures and testify. I HAVE BEEN THER AND I HAVE DONE THAT... thanks again.