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It’s Not a Charity. It’s a Challenge.

Adventurer C
Southwest Airlines isn’t the only organization issuing a challenge during National Volunteer Week. (On Monday we announced our 40 Hours for 40 Years Employee Volunteer Pledge). The Mission Continues, a nonprofit organization focused on providing service opportunities to veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, launched The Mission Continues Challenge that asks all Americans to dedicate ten minutes of their time to learn about issues facing veterans returning from Iraq & Afghanistan, tell ten friends about what they’ve learned, and donate ten dollars to challenge this generation of veterans to become citizen leaders. You can take the challenge now at their web site.

Southwest Airlines shares The Mission Continues’ dedication to service and as a proud sponsor of this organization, we’re excited to help raise awareness for this cause. In addition to The Challenge, The Mission Continues provides opportunities for the public to volunteer alongside veterans year-round.
The Mission Continues is a national nonprofit organization headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. The organization’s mission is to build an America where every returning veteran can serve again as a citizen leader, and where together we honor the fallen by living their values through service. The organization offers paid service fellowships to wounded and disabled veterans, awarding 128 fellowships in 25 states to date. The Mission Continues has engaged 15, 624 civilian and veteran volunteers to complete 271 service projects across the nation.

If giving back is your challenge and military members and their families are your passion, check out The Mission Continues for a list of upcoming projects across the county.