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It’s On Ringtone Contest Winners

Frequent Flyer B

You may remember way back into September when an episode of Red Belly Radio featured a collection of contest entries that our Employees phoned in and used the words “It’s On” to coincide with our It’s On commercials that you have hopefully seen on TV or this video blog. You may also remember the episode where I recapped my bout of H1N1 and an additional week off where I lamented not being able to complete a few projects.

Just to remind you—the winner was going to get the most amazing prize ever! His or her contest entry would be made into a ringtone!

Well, we had a panel of highly trained experts listening and deciding. Strict requirements were put in place to be a judge:
1. We had to be a Southwest Airlines Employee.
2. Must currently have a cell phone, or have heard a cell phone ring.

As you can imagine I had to look long and hard to find qualified candidates, but something I left out of the strict requirements was “Must be decisive.” Had that rule been in place, we might have ended with only one winner, instead we (indecisively) decided that we could have several winners. (Read, each judge got to pick one.)

Here are the winners, download these files and install them on your phones at your risk. We have tested them out on several phones around here but not every possible combination of brands and cell service.  Enjoy them as you would your first two checked bags on one of our flights—FREE!

The winners are:
Banjo—Corey, DEN Customer Service Agent
Don’t Forget Grandma—Mario, LAX Ground Operations
Fargo Lady—Katherine Rilley, BWI Flight Attendant
Swing Song—Christina Helbling, SAN Ground Operations
The Laugh—Joe Jordan, DAL Ground Operations
Wheels Up—Chad Martin, University for People

Files can be downloaded below. Even if you don’t want a new ringtone, give them a listen and comment about your favorites. The longest ones are 15 seconds. To download, right click and "save as."