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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Adventurer C
College football. It has to be the best time of the year. Summer ending, cooler weather, the trees changing color. OK, maybe I'm rushing things a bit, but that's what college football makes me think about. It's a common language and a bond. Ask anyone about his or her alma mater and football and you have an instant conversation. As a matter of fact, we have a group that gets together monthly to discuss college football. Shunned by the "boys" group to talk football, I started a college football chicks group (we included the guys as well). We meet monthly to talk college football at our local hamburger place, Club Schmitz. You might have guessed we're loaded with Texas fans. Reservations, Advertising, Promotions, Loyalty, Online and Sports Marketing actually have people that wear burnt orange. There is one lone OU fan in our group who did support her conference for the championship game last year. Or was it to see those USC guys go down? A&M has fans in Advertising and in one of our other "blog gals." One of our Technology Leads is a Texas Tech fan along with another Sports Marketing Manager. We have an LSU Tiger fan in QA and an Auburn fan that was kind enough to donate $10 to me after the loss to Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl. A Florida guy in Technology and a Tennessee fan in our Dallas Field Office. It's more than the Big 12 and SEC here, we actually let a Buckeye fan run some of our Revenue Management Department and a couple of Michigan guys run loose on technical projects. Our VP of Marketing is an Illini alum, but he won't talk to us until basketball season. Whatever. Me? I'm a Badger fan myself. Predictions? Ponderings? Smack?