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J.D. Power and Associates Reports on Southwest

Frequent Flyer A

Following JetBlue in the segment rankings are Southwest Airlines and WestJet, in a tie. Southwest Airlines performs particularly well in the cost and fees and reservation measures. In addition, Southwest Airlines is the only airline in the 2009 study to demonstrate overall improvement from 2008, with the most notable increases occurring in the reservations, check-in and boarding/deplaning/baggage measures.

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Explorer C
Why I think this is a lie. As someone who files over 80,000 miles annually on several carriers. I consider myself as good or better to evaluate an airline. Once a year I make the mistake flying Southworst. Today is that day. My experience is this airline is never on time. In fact several times they are over 3 hours behind schedule. To use the excuse that weather is the problem has just from my experience been used to many times. The real problem is Southworst is too busy trying to get the maximum profit from their equipment rather than building a reasonable schedule that has recovery time built into it. Once again it is the customer who gets screwed. Final thought how much does Southworst pay to be included in JD Powers survey. Until they improve I will never fly this airline again.
Adventurer C

Hilarious how these clowns want to point to an assessment of their operations made by a 3rd party they PAY to write up a report loaded with fabrication. I too have been forced to fly Southworst and have also made the mistake of THINKING they were the best option. Bad Bad mistake. Out of 8 flights I took this year all but 2 were either canceled or over 2 hrs late. They're a JOKE