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Jenny and Z From On The Fly

Frequent Flyer B
This episode of Red Belly Radio was recorded at the Center for Alternatives to Summer TV Reruns, (also known as the little studio where we record all sorts of stuff.) Why is this important? Because This episode is about the new TLC show On The Fly and two of the Employees who are featured! I’ve already done the legwork for you. I searched TV Guide and found that this summer, most channels are showing reruns! That means you are free to watch On The Fly every Thursday at 9/8 central--(that’s 8:00, Herb time) or set your DVRs and watch at your leisure. And when you watch, you will see Jennifer and Zaneta. I recently spoke with these two ladies and I can see why the producers wanted to follow them around. A big thank you to them and all of the Employees who volunteered to have a camera crew record their work days