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Jill Jokes

Adventurer C
Alrighty then. I feel like when you're on a first date and you don't know what else to say and there is this awkward silence. Ever since I can remember I have used, what I'd like to think of as humor, to break things up. Seems to work in a lot of situations. You know, sensitive meetings, elevators, times when I'm feeling crabby, or funerals. My favorite are what most people call "dumb jokes". Around my office they have become known as "Jill Jokes". (I haven't been able to figure out why though). Ok, so it doesn't contain fowl language, but these are far from dumb. For example let's look at a chemistry joke: One sodium atom says "Oh no! I think I lost an electron", another atom asks "Are you sure?" "Yeah!" the other atom says. "I'm positive." Or my favorite, bar jokes: A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender looks at him and says "Hey I have a drink named after you!" and the grasshopper replies "You have a drink named Steve?!!" There. Aren't you feeling better already? Way more fun to laugh than be crabby, right?