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Join the Conversation at the Diversity Summit on Aug. 1!

Explorer B

One thing I love about Southwest is working with Employees who come from all walks of life.  What’s even better is feeling comfortable to be myself at work.  Tomorrow on August 1, we will join the conversation on the importance of a diverse workforce when we host our fourth annual Diversity Summit at our Dallas Headquarters. The incredible lineup features some of our very own—Colleen, Gary, Ellen, and more, as well as Diversity Thought Leaders from organizations like The Coca Cola Company and Ernst & Young.  Be sure to check out the full speaker lineup and agenda. Follow the conversation on Twitter:  Use the hashtags #SWADiversity and #reframethedialogue.  And, stay tuned for video clips of our speakers following the Summit! At Southwest Airlines, diversity is the fabric within our Culture—it’s the secret ingredient that helps us celebrate and relate to one another and our Customers in a culturally relevant way. We hope you’ll join us to reframe the dialogue and celebrate the differences that make us strong and bring out the best in us all.