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Just Go With It


When we began the 12 Days of LUV, we knew Customers would be really into it and ready to vie for $12,000 worth of southwestgiftcards® (one for each day, compliments of Dr Pepper).  Take a look at the winners, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

What we didn’t know was the story of full-circle generosity that we’d be able to tell, due to one stranger reaching out to help another through the Facebook comments section of 12 Days of LUV: Day 1.

I won’t soon forget the selflessness displayed by Kristy Wilson, the Customer who helped Mike Calandra, the aforementioned stranger who just wanted to see his soldier son before deployment.

You’ll witness in this video Kristy’s genuine surprise and insistence that we didn’t have to reward her generosity.

“This is so not necessary,” she softly muttered, holding back tears.

But also unnecessary was her decision to help someone across the United States who she’d previously never interacted with.

The result was an unforgettable experience that led to lots of hugs, tears, and joy, and the reaffirmation that we truly work for the best Company, with the best Employees, and the best Customers on the planet.

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This video epitomizes why I want to intern with Southwest Airlines more than anything in the world this summer! Truly inspiring!
Thanks, Kristin. Good luck, and, y'know, "just go with it." 🙂