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Kidd's Kids 2012 in Pictures

Retired Community Manager
Ear-to-ear smiles never get old, least of all when they are on the faces of families who have been through a lot. Annually, Southwest Airlines has contributed to Kidd's Kids by chartering the plane that transports the families to The Magic Kingdom. Children are selected each year by the Kidd Kraddick Foundation; each child deals with a chronic or terminal illness, and many of them spend a lot of time in hospitals.

This year's Kidd's Kids trip returned to our private hangar in Dallas yesterday. As the plane touched down, all of the families held their hands to the sky like a roller coaster. When we were safely on the ground, cheers erupted, the end of an exciting, unforgettable ride and a vacation away from it all. We are always so overjoyed to be able to take part in this trip, and make our slice memorable. Every year when I reflect on what all I've done, Kidd's Kids always sticks out as the most rewarding. Take a look at these pictures taken by our Multimedia Team Member, Stephen M. Keller; they do a magnificent job capturing emotions that aren't always best expressed through words: