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LUV Each Other: A Denver Marriage Surprise

Retired Community Manager

This morning, we had the pleasure of surprising the first couple to get married at the Denver courthouse on Valentine's Day with two roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines.

Madeline Jacobs said she couldn't sleep all week.  She would've camped outside the Denver courthouse to be first in line to get married to her sweetheart, Josè, on Valentine's Day. 

Josè has a knack for making his holidays big.  This past year, Josè popped the question to Madeline on Thanksgiving Day.

"This big turkey got on his left knee and proposed to my loved one right here," Josè said, his arm tightly around his girl's shoulder.

Getting to the courthouse hasn't been easy.  Madeline and Josè met 20 years ago, lost touch over the years, and it wasn't until last July that the two reconnected at a pizza parlor.  This morning, the two experienced a more dangerous obstacle when they got in their truck, started it, and the engine caught fire.

Madeline laughed, "The burning desire of our love is like the truck that caught on fire."

Surrounded by family & friends, the city, and Southwest Airlines, LUV was all around as Josè and Madeline tied the knot.

Shortly after kissing the bride, we stepped in to sweeten the moment, presenting the happy newlyweds with two oversized boarding passes, good for travel anywhere Southwest flies.

Happy Valentine's Day, and congratulations, Josè and Madeline!