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LUV Mail: Chicago Midway's LUV Pup

Explorer A

A person’s response in the heat of the moment reveals a great deal about that individual’s character—as does their treatment of defenseless creatures.  Southwest Airlines' own MDW Customer Service Agent Fran Panozzo and her LUV for ALL Customers, whether they have two legs or four, are what make Fran a Hospitality heroine. On what seemed like just another day at Chicago Midway (if there truly is such a thing), Fran learned that one of our four-legged Customers, a dog named Lily, needed medical care after injuring her paw while in the designated pet relief area.  Fran grabbed some first aid supplies and made her way over to Lily and her human companion, Sarah Davis, who was distraught and felt powerless to help her furry friend. Fran’s response to these Customers in need was nothing short of “amazing,” as Miss Davis puts it, and certainly worthy of a paw-shake, which Lily was more than happy and able to extend when the three reunited in Chicago recently.