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LUV Mail: Raising the Bar

New Arrival

At Southwest, we’re raising the bar when it comes to Hospitality and Reliability.  Just ask Customer Ron Wilson, who recently had a very uplifting experience with some of our finest at our Detroit (DTW) Cargo Office.  If you ask DTW Freight Agent Sandy Tarrant, DTW Ramp Agent Joe Toth, and DTW Ramp Agent Mac Macintosh though, they say it’s all in a day’s work. Ron Wilson’s daughter and pole vaulting trainee, Tally Wilson, is an all-state high school pole vaulter whose pole recently broke during a practice jump a mere four days before she was to defend her record vault of ten feet and six inches at a state track and field meet.  Devastated at the thought of his daughter’s chances of a state title slipping away, Mr. Wilson and another of Tally’s vaulting coaches arranged for a new pole be shipped from Carson City, NV to Detroit, MI via Southwest Cargo from Las Vegas to DTW. Tally Wilson Mr. Wilson can think of no other way to describe Sandy, Joe, and Mac than “awesome.”  Sandy greeted Mr. Wilson by name, inquired about Tally’s upcoming meet, and wished her good luck.  To expedite the delivery process, Joe met the plane carrying the new pole, and he and Mac performed the delicate and tedious process of transporting the very large piece of equipment across the tarmac to Mr. Wilson’s car. Tally took possession of her new pole 36 hours before the state meet, where she crushed her competition and vaulted to a state title and new personal best of 11 feet! The Wilsons thank Southwest for “going above and beyond to make sure that [Tally] was in the best position possible to achieve success.” Way to go, DTW Cargo! Tally Flying