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LUV Mail: Running with Honor

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It has been said that we each have a race to run in life, and it’s up to us how we will run it. Ronald Reagan Washington National (DCA) Customer Service Agent Reecie Howard has chosen to run hers in a way that makes a difference in the lives of others, and if you ask Customer Melissa Stirling, Reecie is out pacing herself so far in her race. As a 30-year Marine Veteran, Reecie is no stranger to serving others. Her military training taught her to never leave anyone behind and to do everything in her power to make things right. So when Melissa’s bag did not arrive with her at DCA, she chose the right Employee to talk to. When she explained that she would be without her running shoes for an extensive team race, Reecie went above and beyond to get the bag to Melissa before the starting pistol was fired. Reecie drove nearly three hours, in the rain, to deliver Melissa’s bag in a muddy field in Maryland. Not only that, but Reecie also came out the next day to the finish line to cheer on Melissa’s team. The experience meant so much to Melissa that she emailed Gary to commend him on hiring someone as wonderful as Reecie. As you can see in the video, Reecie was truly touched by Melissa’s compliments. Every day, Southwest Employees lace up their Customer Service shoes and strap on their Hospitality headbands in preparation for whatever the day’s course will bring them.