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LUV On Air with Southwest Flair

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On The Fly was cleared for takeoff last week, and we were overwhelmed by the positive response to last week's episodes.  We're at it again tonight on TLC at 9/8 CT (so tune in, would ya?).

When my fellow SWAmates and I read the blog post about throwing a watch party for the premiere of TLC’s “On the Fly”, we were truly inspired (shout out to our own Ashley Pettit!), and as usual, we jumped at the chance to have a little par-tay! At Southwest Airlines, we are one big happy family, and we LUV to get together outside of work. I actually live in a household of all SWA Employees, and needless to say, we’ve got a lot of Spirit under our roof. We threw together some creative signage, made some SWA-themed food, decorated the house with SWAG (SWA Gear) and our own creative craftiness, and of course outfitted our armored knight, Silent, in old school Flight Attendant attire. He LUVs to dress up.

OTF Food


Friends from across the system gathered together dressed in their favorite Southwest apparel (me, obviously in TJ LUV pajamas, pictured at the top of this post), and we watched back-to-back premiere episodes of TLC’s “On the Fly” while munching on “pigs-in-a-plane” (our take on pigs-in-a-blanket) and using the “lavatory” during commercial breaks. The show was SWAwesome, and we had a hoot of time. This may become our new Thursday night ritual!


On The Fly

Thanks, Ashley, for the idea and getting our creative juices flowing, and to all of you, make sure you tune in tonight for the next exciting episode of TLC’s “On the Fly”.

Oh right, the trivia.  Look no further than the link below for this week's trivia questions!

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You're SO cute, Mallory!! I'd support ANYTHING you do! xoxo
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Great Work Mal! I LUV your festive ideas:)
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mi hijo pedio. su sertificado denasimiento en el abion podria ayudarme eso fue 207