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LUV Rations Delivery

New Arrival

In a previous blog by Shelley Logan,you've heard about our efforts and events surrounding this past 4th of July. One of those events was called LUV Rations. It focused on collecting supplies for our brave soldiers in Iraq and other far away locations and for the children in those countries who our soldiers LUV so much.

We ended up gathering enough supplies for more than a thousand goodie bags  and we packed them in boxes, each containing personal post cards from Employees, Family Members, and Friends of Southwest.

This video shows the official delivery of the boxes to our military, and you’ll notice that most of the people who turned out for the event were dressed in red. That’s because it was on Friday, and we dress in red to show our support for our military every Friday. You also might notice that many of our Employees brought their children to work with them for the event.

Plane Hovering Over Trucks

The video pretty much speaks for itself, but this is one of the times I really wish you could watch the original HD version of the video. If you look very carefully, you’ll see a Southwest Airlines plane appearing to hover over the trucks as they turn onto the road that parallels the Love Field runway. In the HD version, you can see the bright landing lights and the colors of the plane, but in this version, it’s just a gray blur. So … when you watch, use your imagination.

And if you get a lump in your throat as you watch, join the club!