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LUV Sick & Long Distance? Cargo takes the PETAL TO THE METAL!

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Ever wonder how floral arrangements arrive fresh to their destination the same day you place your order?  Take a look at how Southwest Airlines® Cargo puts “Petal To The Metal” and enter our “LUV Sick & Long Distance?” Contest for a chance to win a $75 Teleflora® gift certificate and a roundtrip ticket to surprise your loved one in person!

Petal to the Metal

The knock on the door, the call from your office receptionist, or a personal visit from a loved one, no matter how flowers are delivered the week of Valentine’s Day, an amazing feeling will rush over you and a beautiful smile will appear on your face.  It never surprises me how fresh the arrangement is and the wonderful fragrance that filters through the room.  Whether it is hydrangeas, tulips, or roses, I hope each of you are blessed with giving or receiving a floral arrangement this Valentine’s Day.

Did you know, as you travel to any of the destinations Southwest Airlines serves, fresh flowers are flying beneath you inside the belly of the 737?  With Cargo’s Next Flight Guaranteed (NFG) service, the shipments we provide to florists are 100 percent guaranteed to be on the next available flight.  Companies coast to coast, reaching from California to Florida, rely on Southwest Airlines Cargo to ship to more than 80 destinations.  Once the shipment reaches its destination, the wholesaler or your local florist will pick up the shipment and begin to design the masterpiece that will make someone’s day brighter.  And, it all can happen within the same day!

So, pick a loved one in your life and surprise him/her with a gorgeous arrangement this Valentine’s Day.  When you hear how fresh and beautiful the arrangement is, remember Southwest Airlines Cargo.

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I was a first time flyer at 46 since I was TOTALLY FREAKED OUT at the mere thought of flying! But, my boys were grown now and I had gotten a large bonus at work, so my friend and I decided to fly to Hawaii (of all places) booked it on American Airlines. It went pretty well after my entire body shaking for 4 solid hours. ( the flight was 9 hrs.) My friend just fell asleep! I thought how can ANYONE sleep when we could crash at any moment? Yeah, I was "Kate" in the movie French Kiss and yes, I did sing "I Love Paris in the Springtime" (and still do) some other nonsensical song to keep my mind off of flying. THEN I took my first Southwest flight to Florida! Everyone was so nice and a couple of guys up by the cockpit teased me when I went searching for the loo. I think they knew I was nervous since I was still a bit shaky. I guess my continuous hand wringing and quivering lower lip gave me away. They said "You mean the bathroom?" I nodded yes, then the other guy looked at his friend while rubbing his chin, then said to me "We don't have one!" My mouth dropped open with a look of total disbelief said, softly "Are you f 'n kidding me?" They both looked at each other shaking their heads, NO. My face was red as a beet and I hadn't seen any sun yet! They both suddenly began to laugh uncontrollably and said "Yeah." "We were just kidding." I said "Man, you guys are bad!" We were all laughing then and they both said "We know!" There are many other examples of the fun-loving staff that keeps me calm and NOT focused on the tons of steel staying in the air without spiraling, crashing to earth immediately upon take-off. It's still just so surreal to me! I like the pilot's comments too. I love to laugh and what they say really IS funny! And so, my love affair with Southwest began and continues 13 years later. I have taken many flights since the one to Hawaii and Orlando, but NEVER on any other airline. I just LOVE Southwest !