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LUV Stories: You're Hired! (Part 2)

New Arrival

I've previously posted a couple of videos from our group of retired Employees who call themselves LUVers. (Unexpected Thank You and You're Hired!).

It seems that just about all Southwest Employees, active and retired, like to talk about how they ended up at Southwest. I guess that's because for most of us that moment turned out to be a very important one in the course of our lives. So ... in the following videos, two former Employees share that moment.

  • Gwendolyn Bryant Harrison
New Arrival
I love Sam Cohn. That guy is so charismatic and fun. I got the opportunity to fly with all the originals up to DC to accept an award on behalf of all SWA employees and Sam definitely stood out. These videos are great.
Explorer B
I like the Vedos
Explorer C
I love your website, which is devoted to the workers and your cool culture! What company does this? I love your company! Great stories...especially the LUV STORIES. Simply Gold!
Adventurer C
Sam and Gwen will forever be two of our favorites. I LUV them both -we ALL love them! They will forever have a special place in my heart! Here's a little trivia for you! Did you know that our very own Sam Cohn, retired SWA Captain is an award winning basketball Star on the Senior World Circuit? Yep... hardly retired! They placed first in the world - the USA team won the gold! Congratulations Sam! those Dr. Key Whitman ads! Sam is their model! He covered a full page ad in the Dallas Morning News two weeks ago. Since his Eye surgery to correct vision.... he has yet to miss a shot! (I am not kidding!) How do I know all of this? Flight Attendants talk about all the big news while on the jumpseat and I saw the ad for myself!! To all of our special retired friends... we miss you! You will always be remembered. LUV, Your SWA Flight Attendant Friends