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LUVing Life in Cleveland, 20 Years Later

Explorer C

I remember when I interviewed for a position here at Southwest right after Midway Airlines went out of business.  One of the first interview questions was, “What do you do when you are driving down the street and your favorite song comes on the radio?”  At first I thought, why the heck are they asking me this?  But I rolled with it and answered, “Turn it up and sing along.”  I guess it was the right answer, because here I am 20 years later, still in Cleveland and LUVing life!

During the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of serving both our internal and external Customers from the front line as a Customer Service Supervisor and also for a couple of years as a Ramp Supervisor.  I have enjoyed the freedoms that we have been given to “Do the Right Thing,” “Follow the Golden Rule,” and give that “Positively Outrageous Service.”  Opening the counter daily and greeting our Customers at the counter, having fun with my agents to show them I care, and cooking them breakfast once in a while is something that I look forward to all the time.  I have had two “extended” vacations (maternity leave) and both times I have looked forward to getting back to work to experience the Culture again.  When I get together with friends and we talk about work, they always tell me I have the best job.  What can I do but agree!  Thank you, Southwest Airlines!

Two decades ago, Cleveland’s Southwest Team serviced just ten daily nonstop departures to two cities.  Now, 20 years later, Southwest's 32nd city in the system has 67 Employees who operate 13 daily nonstop flights to four cities!

With the opening of Atlanta and the Messages to the Field being held throughout the system, we are celebrating our anniversary (which is on February 13th) a few days early.  To celebrate, Employees and Customers will have the opportunity to enjoy food, FUN, “A minute to win it” games, and music from a local favorite DJ.  Happy 20th Anniversary, CLE … Here’s to 20 more years!

Explorer C
I have been flying with you for the last 20 years also out of CLE. I hope we get more flights to MCO DEN and ATL. Keep up the good work...
Explorer C
So do we!! Thanks for flying with us Jack!! See you at the counter some day!
Explorer C
I've been flying SWA out of Cleveland since 2006. I remember when there used to be non-stop service to 6 cities (Orlando and St. Louis have since been dropped). As far as SWA cities go, Cleveland definitely seems to be one of the smallest. I'm really hoping that things work out now that SWA is going to convert Airtran in Akron and that both cities can co-exist peacefully. Thanks for being there all these years!
Explorer C
Enjoyed reading the article. Congrats CLE!