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Land of the Lost…and Found

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Southwest Airlines moves a lot of people every day. Those people carry a lot of stuff with them. So if you lost something on a flight, what are the odds of someone you know finding it? Well that is what this episode of Red Belly Radio is about, two Employees, Ginger and Paula, traveling on the same plane—just not together.
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Please help! I lost a Canon Rebel T2i camera on flight #1066 from Florida to St Louis, MO on June 24th. The flight continued on to Las Vegas and possibly another location. In the black camera bag backpack was other items as well. I am offering a reward for someone to get the memory card back to me. Keep the camera, that is fine, but I want the pictures of my children on their first vacation. Please, I am so sad without them.
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landed in SPOKANE, flight 3482 w/stop in DENVER lost BLACK GLASSES perscription on way to Spokane.May have lost right when we landed!!!!
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I lost my Kindle Touch on Sunday, April 22 2012. I either left it on the plane or in the women's restroom in the Oakland Airport in the baggage claim area. If it was in the plane (more likely) I would have left it in the magazine pocket at my seat on flight 1828 from LAX (originated from somewhere else) to Oakland, California (and final destination was Seattle?). I can't believe I didn't check the pocket before I got off the plane! The Kindle has a reddish brown (more like burgundy) cover with built-in light. I registered my loss on Southwest's website for lost and found immediately but so far nothing. I just found this website so I'm crossing my fingers that someone found it and is looking to return it to this owner. Thanks so much!
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Lost my Brown Levi's Wallet on 5/26/17 on Flight from New Orleans to Tampa. When I got off in Tampa, I noticed it was not in my back pocket. Plane went on to Chicago afterward.