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Lego My Airplane

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lego131.jpgWhile I was surfing the net I came across something from my past, a toy... a very sophisticated toy called the Lego Mindstorms NXT. This toy was not something I had as a kid, what I meant by "in my past" is that, back in August 2006, I was visiting my dear friend. Our very own "Blog Queen" Paula Berg in our Public Relations Department asked if I thought our Mechanics would like to take on the project of building something using Lego's latest invention, the Mindstorms NXT?Lego had sent the Mindstorms NXT kit to different companies, asking them to use it to built something that would represent their company's brand--companies like Southwest Airlines, AOL, GAP, Energizer, Microsoft, Reebok, and others. I brought the idea to our Maintenance Leaders, and they gave us the okay to build this project during our normal working hours. We decided to build a 737-700; what else is there that represents our Company's brand better than our aircraft? We were given two Lego Mindstorms NXT kits and within six to eight hours we had our creation.                                                           lego51.jpg    lego21.jpg   lego12.jpg The Lego kit had to be programmed to function like an airplane, so we programmed it to back up as if it were backing out of the gate and had a simulated engine start as well as rudder movement.  Then we had it move forward as if were taxiing. We loaned our SWA robot back to the LEGO Company to be used in their publicity efforts. lego-airplane6.jpg   lego-airplane5.jpg   lego111.jpg The Mechanics who put their minds together for this project did an excellent job, and they ask me from time to time, what ever happen to our Lego 737-700? So if anyone out there has seen it, let me know; we would love to get it back and display it at our Maintenance facility.  
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Very Very Nice... Job well done. I hope you all find it, it would be such a loss. Making me feel old, I cannot remember having those as a child, but I remember other such put together items as "Lincon Logs", "RingA-Majigs" (Doh, had to look at the can, still sitting here" for the spelling), and many other items... But missed the Lego Era.
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That looks like it was a lot of fun. I smell a marketing and special livery opportunity... Official airline of LEGOLAND California and LEGO One!
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I remember legos as squares and rectangles. They did not come in kits, you had to design creations on your own. I don't mind the new predesigned kits, but do miss having to imagine your own creation.
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Thanks so much to you, Gordon, and all the guys that helped out...and on such short notice, if you recall! You're the best! pb.
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25 years ago, my grandparents bought some legos for me. I still have them and they will fit with the new legos my daughters received for Christmas. It is cool to see them build the same structures I did years ago. Please pay cashier before pumping gas. Ding!
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My dog recently ate some legos. I am still finding them in the backyard if you know what I mean. Great story, G. Hope you find your plane in one peice.
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Never get rid of your LEGO bricks! You'll always come back to them someday. Either on your own, or with your kids/grandkids. You never really outgrow them, you just take a break for a while.
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Dose it fly?