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Leprechauns on the Loose...

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St. Paddy’s isn’t until March 17th, but Southwest’s Culture Committee (and Blog Team) are already conspiring to “Own the Holiday.” If you happen to be flying Southwest March 12th, be on the lookout for three very sprightly, very green, very enthusiastic leprechauns. Do not be frightened by their seemingly endless cheer, pots-o-gold, and overabundance of shamrock-green attire. The three leprechauns will be playing trivia inflight, passing out prizes in departure gates, and generally making mischief wherever they go. They will journey near and far to spread goodwill on Thursday, March 12th.

Look for them in these fair Southwest cities:


Dallas, TX  

San Antonio, TX

Harlingen, TX


Kansas City  

Tulsa, OK

Denver, CO

Kansas City, MO St. Louis, MO 





If you’re lucky enough to Spot the Leprechaun, ask to take a picture with them, and we’ll post it on the blog.* Not only will you become instantly famous, but you will have proof of having witnessed a rare leprechaun sighting.** Happy Hunting!***


*please email all pictures to

**photographic sample of Leprechauns below

***Southwest not responsible for sudden mood elevation, good luck, and instantaneous rainbows

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This is why I love your airline and rarely fly on any other. You guys rock. Keep up the fun spirits.
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We saw the Leprechaun today at Midway in Chicago! Sharing many of his green chocolate coins with all of us. Photos were taken and sent in. Hooray southwest!