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Let 'Em Fly: The 411 on Yahtzee!

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Thanks to all who have sent us their feedback on the Rapid Rewards Let Em’ Fly promotion.  For those who had issues with the dice freezing, we have looked into this further.  In some cases it might be because you are using an outdated browser or are experiencing connectivity delays.  We have optimized the site so hopefully it will work better for you.  Some folks had questions on the “codes”, this is not needed to enter.  The codes are optional and intended for  the folks that have received a winning game piece at one of our events happening throughout the US.  We have updated our site to call this out.  We hope that you roll again and wish you the best of luck of at hitting that Yahtzee!

If you're continuing to experience issues, please let us know in the comments section of this post!
Now Let 'Em Fly!
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Hi. I just registed today and it didn't even let me roll. It just stayed on the screen that said "Let them fly". After several minutes I closed the screen and tried to log on again and it said I already played today. So sad. We always fly Southwest and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to win!! :)
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This game still is not working for me on a MacBook Pro computer. I click to roll and nothing happens. I am using Google Chrome and I went to try Safari and it says 'you can only play once a day.' Very frustrating.
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I have tried to play each day since this game was launched. I was really excited because I am always trying to sign up for things that will help me earn Rapid Rewards. I have only been able to play once. Every time I try to roll the dice, nothing happens. I wait for about 5-10 minutes and refresh the page, but then I get the message that I "can only play once a day". I am using Chrome, but maybe I am doing something wrong.
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Not working in Safari, Chrome or Firefox (all latest versions) on a Mac, OSX 10.6.8.
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Likewise i'm playing on both safari and firefox browsers with macbook pro. Every time I try to roll the dice, nothing happens. I click refresh and it gives a message that i can only play once a day.
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This was my second day that I tried the game; but it froze. Very frustrating. It thinks you played so no second try if the screen freezes. Glad to see that I wasn't the only one having an issue. I have Vista.
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For like the 5th day in a row it didnt work 😞 i tried it in both safari and firefox but either browser does not work! Glad im not the only one that its not working for!
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I have been trying to play daily for awhile-only got it to work twice-same issues eveyone else is saying-freezes and when you attempt to refresh or go back and try again it says you have already played...I still love trying-if you win even though you don't see the roll are you notified of the win?
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I'm having the same issue as everyone else. I'm have Vista, and have tried playing the game using Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, and when I click the roll button, it just fades away and goes back to the same message. Then when I refresh the page, it tells me I've played the game already. It's happened at least 5 times already, and it's very frustrating.
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Same issues as the others, regardless of the browser. Connectivity is not an issue.
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I play but don't win same numbers always come up two twos,one one, two sixes. I always fly Southwest I drive three hours just to fly SW. Oh well never win anything anyway good luck to everyone.
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I agree with Alrene. Same numbers here. Seems there's no radomness to it at all. A bit disappointing, especially from Southwest. Love the company, but not the game.
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Stayed on registration page, no play page came up. Tried to register for game multiple times, just kept returning to same page. Grrrr......