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Life After the Navy

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For those of you who followed Francisco's posts during his deployment on the Nimitz last year, he offers us this update in his life.  I left the Navy and San Diego on October 15th 2007.after-navy-nyc-night.JPG I signed some paper work and recieved my DD form 214--honorable discharge. My base decals were stripped off my vehicle, and I turned over my military I.D. back to the government. My bags were already packed, and I headed east toward New Mexico. The drive home was good for me. It gave me a chance to reflect on my time in the Navy. There were many highs and there were many lows. But in all in all, not bad...not bad at all.  I arrived home the next evening to my family. after-navy-family.JPGIt was a great feeling, but it has taken me a few months to adjust to civilian life--it has been a rather difficult transition. There were days were I didn't want to get out of bed. There were nights when I could not sleep. There were days when I was angry one second and joyful the next. It was a very odd time in my life. I should be happy!!! I was out of the Navy...I was back home. Things obviously got better for me emotionally. My family has helped me out along with my friends. Two days after I got back, I decided to go back to work so that I wouldn't become lazy. I headed back to work at the bank. I lasted about a week before my boss gave me two weeks off. It was a much needed break for me. Since being back, I have started school at the University of New Mexico, and I have worked part time at Starbucks and at the bank. I have enjoyed being near my family and watching my niece and nephew grow up. They call me "Uncle Tito." I have adopted a dog, and I finally took a vacation, heading up to Phillyafter-navy-phl.JPG and New York for a week to see some old friends. I saw the Liberty Bell, went to the Constitution Center,  ran up the "Rocky stairs," saw Grease after-navy-nyc.JPGin New York, and I even won an Oscar.  (While passing the ABC Studio, they invited us in to take pictures with the Oscars.)  I often think about my friends from the Navy, and I keep in touch with most of them, who are on deployment as we speak. I have closed that chapter of my life, and I have started a new one. after-nacy-oscar.JPGThe Navy was an experience I will never forget. The travel in itself was life-changing. I had the chance to see the world and experience different cultures. I got to meet fellow sailors who came from different walks of life and who joined for different reasons than my own. In the end we were bonded by the same duty and principle.I wish them the best. As for me I look forward to the next chapter of my life. I look forward to fishing and to being a civilian again. Thanks for all of your support and friendship. Until next time...