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Like Mother, Like Daughter


Did you know we have multiple mom and daughter duos that work at Southwest?  That’s right and this Mother’s Day we are introducing you to Connie and Bre, one of many mom and daughter duos.

Bre and Mom

Bre’s first time on an airplane was the day she turned two months old.  She flew with her mom, Connie, from Dallas to Minneapolis to see family.  Bre has been traveling ever since and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon! With Connie at Southwest and now Bre, these two love to travel together. 

One of Bre’s favorite hobbies is to travel and she often reminisces about a special trip she took with her mom to Las Vegas.  They each received a free playing card at one of the casinos.  Bre and Connie are not big gamblers so they watched others around them and had a blast learning how to make their cards last as long as possible. The rest of the trip was spent sight-seeing, shopping, and just having a great time with each other!  This Mother’s Day Bre already knows the perfect gift for her mom – the gift of travel! Wherever you’re headed Connie and Bre, have a great trip!

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