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Live at 35 – Live in the Sky with The Dunwells

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Picture this—you show up at the airport on a Monday morning to find a camera crew at your gate.  As you wait for your flight, you notice the camera honing in on two individuals with guitars.  A little unsure of what’s happening, you wonder what’s going on, and you’re not the only one!  Once you’ve settled into your Southwest seat, ready for an hour-and-a-half flight, the guys with guitars stand up and surprise you by performing two songs over the plane’s PA system.  Is this a dream?  Absolutely not!  Instead, you are one of the many lucky Customers to experience the ultimate surprise and delight event from Southwest Airlines: Live at 35!

As the Official Airline of Live in the Vineyard, Southwest is partnering with various artists to provide an extreme in-air entertainment experience. To gear up for the November event in Napa, brothers Joseph and David Dunwell performed a short acoustic set to a “sold-out crowd” at 35,000 feet somewhere between Dallas and Kansas City.  Their British folk sound may have been new for some Customers onboard, but The Dunwells quickly gained fans.  After they finished their second song and started putting the guitars away, Customers asked for autographs and encores.

With one week left before the Live in the Vineyard weekend experience, two more concerts will take place above the clouds.  The flights and artists are a secret, but the surprise is worth the wait!