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Looking Back on Three Decades at Phoenix

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When I think back to 30 years ago, E.T. was drawing crowds of people to the movie theater, Times’ “Man of the Year” was the computer, and people were cranking up the volume on their radio when Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ “I Love Rock n’ Roll” came on.  For Southwest, the “Love That Spirit” advertising campaign launched and the Phoenix Provisioning Base had just opened in 1982. For me, I was beginning my Southwest career as an Operations Agent.

Although the computer may have been the “Man of the Year,” according to Times 30 years ago, there was little computer technology in the aviation industry.  Instead of entering information into a computer, I was usually hunting around for a pencil to keep track of my daily tasks. Also, there were no jet ways—Passengers were escorted to their planes on the tarmac outside. You can imagine the various challenges that rainy days brought to both our Employees and Customers!

Here’s a fun fact for you: Most people don’t know that our small but mighty department used to be housed in the Air Traffic Control tower here at Phoenix.  And, it may surprise you that I was one of only five Operations Agents.  And, in typical Southwest fashion, my Co-Hearts felt like my second Family.

Now, we have 70 Operations Agents in our department here in Phoenix, and I am proud to help lead these Southwest Warriors as an Operations Supervisor.   I couldn’t be happier to work for Southwest, and after three decades, I really do love serving up our Legendary Customer Service to the Employees here and the folks who travel through Phoenix.  I would probably retire if I didn’t have fun, but that is certainly not the case. There is a lot of camaraderie and I still enjoy my job, even 30 years later. 

If you’re traveling through Phoenix today, be sure to stop by Concourse D for our day-long anniversary celebration.  Food, music, and of course, a little bit of FUN will be waiting for you.  And, the next time you’re in Phoenix, please stop by and say hello!