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Love at First Seat

Explorer A

David Novak will never forget Flight #468. At Southwest Airlines our Purpose is to connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. Some connections have been known to form before the boarding door closes. Thanks to Southwest’s Open Seat Seating policy Passengers have the flexibility to choose any available seat. For Dallas Companion Pass holder, David Novak, he got his wish in his seat onboard a Southwest flight in the summer of 2008. 


Love at first seat 2.png

 In June of 2008, David was in the boarding area at LAX when another Passenger, Hayden, caught his eye. He was hesitant to approach a stranger in an airport, but hopeful to strike up a conversation not knowing if he would ever see her again. It wasn’t until later David noticed that she began to line up for his same flight to San Antonio in the A group. David was boarding in the B group, and kept a mental note to look for Hayden onboard. Sure enough the stars aligned. David took the empty seat next to her.


“She caught my eye sitting in the window seat. As seats were beginning to fill up near the back of the aircraft I knew I had the perfect opportunity to sit in the open seat next to her thanks to Southwest’s Open Seating Policy.”


The two immediately developed a connection and later kept in touch. When they began dating, Hayden was just beginning medical school. The two would frequently hop on Southwest flights to make their long distance relationship only a short flight away.


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 Seven wedding anniversaries and two children later, the Family of four are anxiously awaiting for their upcoming Puerto Vallarta trip thanks to David’s Companion Pass.


“Travelling Southwest as parents couldn’t be easier. We love their Family Boarding policy, and the flexibility of no change or cancellation fees, which make last minute changes a breeze. It goes without saying Southwest is our airline of choice.”


Every seat has a story at Southwest. Open Seating, no change fees, and low-cost air travel gives you the freedom to write your own. So don’t be too quick to pass up that middle seat on your next flight. It might just turn into something more.

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Explorer B

 What a beautiful love story! Thank you for sharing with the Southwest Community!