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Loyalty Day? Let's Make it a Loyalty Month!

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On May 1, 1959, America saw its first observance of Loyalty Day, thanks to U.S. Congress and Ike (then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower). 
The tradition was rekindled (or reaffirmed, as it were) last year, when President Barack Obama issued an official proclamation of Loyalty Day.  Officially, today is a day set aside to reaffirm loyalty to the United States, and to recognize the heritage of American freedom. 
At Southwest, we pride ourselves on being a Symbol of Freedom, and loyalty is a big deal to us, as well.  But to confine our appreciation to one day would be too limiting, so we decided to extend it into the entire month.  Throughout May, we'll be appreciating the loyalty shown by our Customers, our Employees, and People who are loyal to making the world a better place.  We will focus on People who are loyal to our children, our future, and our Freedom.
Of course, we also want to hear from you about who/what you appreciate! Here's how you can do that:
Tweet Us using the hashtag #LUVLoyalty
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We kicked off Loyalty Month very early today by surprising A-List Preferred Rapid Rewards Member James Easterling.  Easterling travels almost daily between Houston and Dallas. He's been doing so since 2001.
Needless to say, he's logged a lot of time on our canyon blues  Finding Easterling, I would have figured to be easy.  A-List Preferred, he's gotta be one of the first Passengers off, right?  Wrong.  As we came to find out, Easterling's favorite seat on the plane is the window seat of the last row, on the left.
Bewildered, and a little bleary-eyed from a crack-of-dawn flight, James Easterling deplaned to a little more excitement than his usual commute.  But appreciating him with some Southwest swag was really the least we could do for such a loyal Customer.
We've, of course, made big strides this year to stay loyal to our Customers.  We entered a new era when Warrior One joined the Southwest fleet as our first Boeing 737-800. The Evolve Interior is pivotal in its innovation, comfort, and environmentally-conscious design.  And our latest feat is the ability to convert between Rapid Rewards and AirTran A+ Rewards.
So here's to loyalty.  Share yours!