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Loyalty Month: Celebrate Our Nurses

As you may know, we are celebrating Loyalty Month at Southwest.  During the month of May, we are showing our appreciation – and loyalty – to those who give back to us, whether it is a Rapid Rewards Member, Military Heroes, Teachers, or Nurses!  This month we are making an extra special effort to thank these folks and let them know how much we appreciate them.

This month celebrated National Nursing Day, and we celebrated this day and loyalty month by surprising nurses at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas.  We have a long history with Texas Scottish Rite, as they are part of our Medical Transportation Grant Program and their nurses and staff members took place in a special photo shoot with DearWorld earlier this year.  So, how do you celebrate nurses?

How about a banner with their great DearWorld photos, a delicious cake, fun sticky note pads, and individually wrapped snacks to get them through their long shifts!  My co-workers and I had such a good time visiting, showing our appreciation, and celebrating all that they do each and every day to make a positive difference in the lives of their patients and their families.  Each and every one of the nurses that stopped by had a personal story about Southwest, and one shared how the Medical Transportation Grant Program has made a difference in the life of one of her patients who travels to Texas Scottish Rite for treatment.

I think nursing is a true calling, and we were proud to – in some small way – celebrate Nurses loyalty to their patients and how much we appreciate what they do!

Dear World