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This morning we're opening our schedule for reservations out through June 3, 2011.  Time to go see Mumsey for Mother's Day--or celebrate the unofficial start of summer by scheduling a Memorial Day weekend jaunt!  Either way, schedules are now available, and (of course) we have a few changes to tell you about.

First, let's talk about what's *not* in this Schedule.  Earlier this year, Southwest announced our plans to begin service in the first quarter of 2011 at two airports in the Palmetto State, Greenville/Spartanburg and Charleston, and we're still on track to do so.  We're just not quite finished with the schedules as of yet.  Believe me, you'll read it from me here on "Nuts!" just as soon as those schedules are released--so check back often for updates!

As for the changes that *are* in this schedule, it's a mixed bag of plusses and minuses.  We're not quite as busy in late April and in May as we are in March, so this schedule overall contains slightly less flying, a net decrease (for now!) of 22 flights.  Three leisure markets are seasonally eliminated (between Ft. Myers and both Islip and Nashville, and between Hartford and West Palm Beach).  On the plus side, we're bringing back some of our seasonal summer markets--roundtrip nonstops between Seattle and Baltimore/Washington, Kansas City, and Nashville, nonstops between Nashville and Providence, and nonstop Norfolk-Las Vegas service.  None of these tweaks, either up or down, are huge.  You can get all of the details in the attached .pdf file!

And for a final little sidebar....remember a couple of years ago when I blogged about how we manage inventory by putting little "chunks" out at a time?  You guys flamed me SO badly for Network Planning letting the amount of bookable inventory get down to under 100 days for the Summer Travel season (the piece received nearly 300 responses, most of them mad at me!), that I subsequently posted that we would do our best to put more and more inventory out for you to book.  Well, this schedule takes us out to 239 days of inventory--the most we've ever had!  The overarching reason we've made this change (admittedly, in baby steps, but good things take time!) is because you, our Customers, have told us that's what you wanted.  So that's what we've done!

Happy booking, everyone.  And remember to check back here often.  As you've seen over the past week, we're just full of surprises here at Southwest these days!  Have an awesome weekend.